5 Cool Products Made from Recycled Waste

While you may hear about the importance of recycling, actually seeing recycled products in action is the best way of motivating more people to become involved. Recycled items are used to make many different products that people use on a daily basis. From household cutlery to bags and clothing, recycled products are slowly becoming more popular by the day.

Whenever you recycle plastics, paper, cardboard, and other items in your home or business, you're contributing to the production of the following cool and useful items.

1. Bricks

The construction industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of recycled products. They also have the biggest opportunity to recycle building waste during demolition and remodelling. Bricks can be made from many different recycled products, ranging from plastic bags to old newspapers. These items can be heated in a controlled setting and compressed to form solid bricks. Such bricks have a unique appearance, are lighter, and cost much less to install.

Bricks can also be made from glass bottles such as beer and soda bottles. Recycled bricks made from paper are perfect for providing the top lining to both inner and outer walls, while bricks made from glass bottles are sturdy enough to form solid interior walls.

2. Bags

Tote bags, wallet bags, and strap-on bags can be made from recycled products. Instead of the usual polyester material, recycled airbags from motor vehicle plants can be used as the primary raw material for these bags. The end result is a light, handcrafted and durable bag for daily use.

3. Phasphalt

This funny sounding name refers to a product that resembles asphalt. While asphalt is a by-product of the petroleum refining process, ph asphalt is made from plastic waste. This plastic waste fills the gaps that would otherwise be filled by gravel and sand when laying asphalt on road surfaces.

The recycled plastic creates a more durable road surface that's less likely to disintegrate as gravel and sand do. Even better, less mining has to be done to extract sand and gravel from the ground.

4. Bicycles

Recycled aluminium can also be used to make bicycles. Sturdy bicycle frames can be designed from recycled aluminium, reducing the amount of iron ore mining that needs to be done to meet demand.

5. Inner wear for both men and women

Many different types of clothing can be made from recycled materials. Perhaps the most interesting is inner wear, which can be made from recycled coffee grounds. As more people sip on coffee in the morning, the grounds can be used to produce yarn; which is then added to other types of fabric.