The Mistakes to Avoid with Your Medical Waste Disposal

Whether you are working in a laboratory, hospital or veterinary facility, you need to have a proper medical waste disposal plan. Given that there are so many things to consider when disposing of medical waste, it can be easy to forget some of the regulations set for disposing medical waste. However, if you are not following the requirements, you may end up being fined heavily. Here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid with your medical waste disposal.

Disposing Medical Waste in the Wrong Container

Medical wastes are categorized in different groups and so are the waste materials. Some of the categories include sharps, animal waste, blood products and cultures. Ensure that each of the waste categories is put in their required containers. To differentiate the containers properly, consider using marked containers as required by the law and set regulations. Proper marking enables you to choose how and when to use a container and who is to remove the waste. For instance, if you have pills, then they have to be disposed of using a sealed plastic container. To minimize the problem of disposing of waste in the wrong container, you can consider contacting waste disposal companies. The waste disposal companies often have the correct waste containers according to your specific needs.

Avoid Wrong Packaging of Waste

When disposing of your medical waste, be keen on how the packaging is done. Improper packaging can easily lead to contamination and at times may be hazardous to those within the facility. When packaging the waste, it is advisable to consider rigid containers that have approval stamps on them. Ensure that the containers meet the required status and properties like being tamper-proof, spill-proof, reusable and leak-proof. 

Using the Shipment Package for Storing Waste

It is very dangerous to assume that the package in which the medical supply was shipped is safe for storing the waste. The conditions that were suitable for the product when it was shipped is different from the requirements of the same product as a waste. For instance, when shipping, many medical supplies are delivered in gallon jugs, plastic bags, and cardboard boxes. However, the same materials cannot be used for waste, as the medical waste disposal requires rigid hazardous waste shipping containers. You need to do some background checks with your medical supply company to find out the right materials to use for the waste disposal.